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What you should know about Self Storage Barrie

We used to store unnecessary things in different places: in the garage, under the bed, on the balcony or on the numerous shelves that clutter the rooms. However, there is another option, which is much more practical - self storage Barrie.

In Canada, companies which provided self-storage services appeared more than 60 years ago and they are getting more and more popular. The growth rate of self storage business is very high because this service is in great demand. In 2017 the services of self storage companies were used by every 3rd Canadian citizen.

Today, the Canadians use about 200 million square meters of self storage units. This business is rapidly growing because it is much more convenient to store old furniture, white goods or sports equipment in specifically designed units.

Looking for self-storage units make sure the self storage facilities are clean, well ventilated and equipped with a modern alarm system and fire detectors. Self storage should offer a unit of any size for storing personal belongings to their clients. It is possible to rent a self-storage unit for any period of time in which a variety of things can be stored:

  • household items;
  • furniture;
  • office equipment;
  • motorcycles;
  • bicycles, etc.

  • However, there are items which are forbidden to store in self storage Barrie, such as plants, food, animals, as well as explosives and drugs.

    There might be different situations when you need to use self storage facilities – you are planning to have your apartment or house being repaired, you have run out of space to store unnecessary things, you are moving to another apartment, etc.

    Before using self storage facilities, you will have to sign a contract. Then you are provided with a self storage unit, to which you get a personal key. It is possible to access the self-storage unit 24/7.

    The following services can be also provided by self storage companies: packaging, delivery (to a self-storage and out of a self-storage), loading and unloading. You should also know that all property stored in self-storage units is insured.

    You can safely store expensive things like collections of antiques, jewelry, and other valuables in self storage units. Thanks to a multi-level integrated security system, thefts are simply impossible here.

    Each unit has two locks (electronic and mechanical), and also has an individual alarm system. The alarm system pin-code is known to the tenant only, who is also the single owner of the key and the access card to the self-storage unit. Therefore, even the employees' access to the cell or unit you rent is completely excluded, not to mention trespassers. Additional property protection measures provided by self storage companies:

  • an advanced alarm system;
  • 24-hour video surveillance and video recording of literally every meter of the entire self-storage facility;
  • 24-hour monitoring by the company's security;
  • additional control of the state protection service.

  • Nowadays, self storage companies create ideal conditions for the absolutely safe storage of your things.


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