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Diesel forklifts for easy cargo handling

Forklift with counterweight is a kind of special warehouse equipment designed for lifting, moving, unloading, loading, storage (stacking) of cargo, with the help of forks or other work tools (attachments). The predecessor of modern trucks appeared in early years of XX century. In 1906, the Pennsylvania Railroad unveiled the first platform with electric drive for luggage transportation, which was used at its railway stations. The modern forklift appeared in 1920s by efforts of several American and European companies, which carried out independent researches. The First World War gave some impetus to the development of this industry. As a result of labor forces deficiency several companies have started the development of technical equipment for warehouse operations independently at the same time.

Today, it is difficult to imagine at least one branch of modern industry, which gets along without the use of forklifts. Diesel forklift are widely applied in warehouses of various types, in the sphere of trade and agricultural sector, in ports, at customs terminals and manufacturing enterprises. The most common type of present day forklifts are diesel trucks - a kind of lift truck working on an internal combustion engine. Diesel forklifts are used most widely for goods moving between storage places and transportation vehicles, cargo stacking and transporting within manufacturing areas. Diesel forklifts are easy to use and durable, and in a case of breakage any spare part can be easily replaced during technological maintenance. This loader is the most cost-effective option of lift trucks as its fuelling is much cheaper than gasoline, and fuel consumption is much more economical. Besides, unlike electric forklifts diesel forklifts do not require periodic recharging.

The disadvantages of this type of storage technological equipment are the noise of engine and carbon monoxide exhausts, thus, it is difficult to use it in indoor storage facilities. However, this drawback is eliminated by installation catalyst which removes harmful substances from exhaust gases on forklift diesel. Indeed, modern catalysts eliminate up to 95 % of harmful substances from the exhaust gases. Other components can be installed on all models of diesel trucks, which will help to expand the scope of application of this type of warehouse equipment. By means of machining attachments diesel forklift can be easily adjusted to your special needs and requirements. Diesel forklift - is low cost and excellent quality level. Prices for diesel trucks are formed on the basis of their capacity, lifting height, as well as performance and reliability. You can always find exactly the model that meets your special needs. Today there is a perfect opportunity to purchase used forklifts at the most affordable prices and in excellent working conditions.

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