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Your Cargo Moving Specialist

Seaspeedcanada.com is your friendly international freight-forwarder to help expedite goods to your overseas buyers by sea, air or land. We are based out of Vancouver, Western Canada.

We become an extension of your office acting as your traffic and shipping department to handle any cargo movements either for export to any worldwide destinations or import from any country in the world.

We are just a call away to get you a competitive rate whether you are shipping a small package or a full container load. And if you require any additional national as well as international moving service our preferred customs broker will be glad to help! A wide range of customs clearance and export assistance will be provided to any business regardless of the activity.For example, you need to ship the big batch of details for your machines. It is not a problem for us! Talking about automobiles, it is well worth to look through prices for Collisongoll parts manufacturer because it is always hard to find auto parts manufacturer which can meet all your requirments. The international shipping and freight forwarding will be done in time. Your privacy as well as the goods remain protected.

You do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings. Surely the process of transportation is difficult to obtain, but we are strictly following the instructions and are undertaking all possible precautions. If your cargo is heavy we are using professional equipment to load it, such as narrow aisle lift trucks, it is transported in specialized container. And if your cargo is small it is kept in a specialized package, that will protect it from any damages.

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More than 30 years our company serves the interests of small and large companies and corporations as well as the interests of common people.
We also have a range of additional services for our clients.
Need to import a car? No problem! Just have a look at our services and choose the conditions that suit you most.
If you are moving through Canada or the US and need a company for transporting your goods by land, explore the options from our colleague Topnotchmovers.ca - St. Albert movers company, who can turn the process of relocation into one-day task!

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You can be sure about the quality of our transport means. We have been working with reliable partners in the sphere of construction and manufacturing. Every year we upgrade our boats, trucks, automobiles and other means of transport. For example, recently we ran through the renovation process using Bolair spray foam system

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Email: info@seaspeedcanada.com

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